Launchpad Translators translation group

Administered by Launchpad Translations Coordinators

The Launchpad Translators group is a set of teams and individuals working on translating software hosted in Launchpad. It is a confederation of translation teams, and not yet another translation project.

We encourage project maintainers to appoint the Launchpad Translators group as translation group for their project.

We encourage all persons translating projects hosted on Launchpad to join the Launchpad Localization team appointed for their language or contact us for setting up a new team.

For more information please see:

If you want to create a new language team, please see:

Please read the translation instructions to learn about policies, recommendations and caveats for doing translations in this translation group.

Translation teams

Language Team/Supervisor Guidelines Appointed
Afrikaans (af) Launchpad Afrikaans Translators with 2 members
Arabic (ar) Launchpad Arabic Translators with 10 members
Armenian (hy) Launchpad Armenian Translators with 5 members
Asturian (ast) Launchpad Asturian translators with 9 members
Azerbaijani (az) Launchpad Azari (Azarbaijani) Translation Team with 8 members
Basque (eu) Launchpad Basque Translators with 18 members
Belarusian (be) Launchpad Belarusian Translators with 19 members
Bengali (bn) Launchpad Bangla/Bengali Translators with 69 members
Bosnian (bs) Launchpad Bosnian Translators with 30 members
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) Launchpad Brazilian Translators with 17 members
Breton (br) Launchpad Breton Translators with 3 members
Bulgarian (bg) Launchpad Bulgarian Translators with 29 members
Burmese (my) Launchpad Burmese Translators with 20 members
Catalan (ca) Launchpad Catalan Translators with 13 members
Catalan (Valencian) (ca@valencia) Launchpad Catalan Translators with 13 members
Chamorro (ch) Launchpad Chamorro Translators with 1 members
Chinese (Hong Kong) (zh_HK) Launchpad Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) Translators with 4 members
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) Launchpad Simplified Chinese Translators with 13 members
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW) Launchpad Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Translators with 10 members
Cornish (kw) Launchpad Cornish Translators with 6 members
Croatian (hr) Launchpad Croatian Translators with 23 members
Czech (cs) Launchpad Czech Translators with 7 members
Danish (da) De danske oversættere af projekter i Launchpad with 2 members
Dutch (nl) Launchpad Dutch Translators with 3 members
English (Australia) (en_AU) Launchpad English (Australia) Translators with 11 members
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) Launchpad's British English (En-GB) Translations with 16 members
Esperanto (eo) Esperanto-skipo por la tradukado ĉe Launchpad with 27 members
Estonian (et) Launchpad Estonian Translators with 10 members
Faroese (fo) Launchpad Faroese with 3 members
Finnish (fi) Launchpad Finnish Translators with 8 members
French (fr) Launchpad French Translators with 6 members
Gaelic; Scottish (gd) Sgioba Launchpad na Gàidhlig with 2 members
Galician (gl) Launchpad Galician Translators with 9 members
Georgian (ka) Launchpad Georgian Translators with 5 members
German (de) Launchpad German Translators with 163 members
Greek (el) Launchpad Greek Translation Reviewers with 2 members
Hebrew (he) Launchpad Hebrew Translators with 3 members
Hindi (hi) Hindi Translators with 13 members
Hungarian (hu) Launchpad Hungarian Translators with 32 members
Icelandic (is) íslenskar þýðingar á Launchpad with 7 members
Indonesian (id) Launchpad Indonesian Translators with 44 members
Interlingua (ia) Launchpad Interlingua Translators with 1 members
Interlingue (ie) Launchpad Interlingue Translators with 2 members
Irish (ga) Launchpad Gaeilge Team with 2 members
Italian (it) Launchpad Italian translators with 4 members
Japanese (ja) Launchpad Japanese Translators with 21 members
Kazakh (kk) Kazakh Launchpad Translators with 2 members
Kirghiz (ky) Registry Administrators with 5 members
Korean (ko) Launchpad Korean Translators with 8 members
Kurdish (ku) Kurdish Translation Team on Launchpad with 16 members
Latin (la) Launchpad's Latin translators with 4 members
Lingala (ln) Launchpad Lingala Translators with 7 members
Lithuanian (lt) Launchpad Lithuanian Translators with 22 members
Lojban (jbo) lp-l10n-jbo with 3 members
Low German (nds) Registry Administrators with 5 members
Malay (ms) Launchpad Malay Translators with 24 members
Malayalam (ml) Launchpad Malayalam Translators with 7 members
Norwegian Bokmal (nb) Launchpad Norwegian translators with 5 members
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) Launchpad Norwegian translators with 5 members
Oriya (or) Launchpad Odia/Oriya Translators with 32 members
Ossetian (os) Launchpad Ossetian Translators with 4 members
Persian (fa) Launchpad Persian Translation Team with 17 members
Portuguese (pt) Launchpad Portuguese Translators with 2 members
Romanian (ro) Launchpad Romanian Translators with 4 members
Russian (ru) Russian Launchpad Translators with 42 members
Santali (sat) Santali Translators with 1 members
Sardinian (sc) Launchpad Sardinian Translators with 2 members
Serbian (sr) Launchpad Serbian Translators with 4 members
Shan (shn) Launchpad Shan Translators with 6 members
Silesian (szl) Launchpad Silesian Translators with 2 members
Sinhalese (si) Launchpad Sinhalese Translators with 26 members
Slovak (sk) Launchpad Slovak Translators with 1 members
Slovenian (sl) Slovenian launchpad translation team with 4 members
Spanish (es) Launchpad Spanish Translators with 3 members
Swedish (sv) Launchpad Swedish Translators with 3 members
Telugu (te) Launchpad Telugu Translators with 3 members
Turkish (tr) Launchpad Turkish Translators with 124 members
Ukrainian (uk) Launchpad Ukrainian Translators with 31 members
Urdu (ur) Launchpad Urdu Translators with 6 members
Uyghur (ug) Launchpad Uyghur Translators with 13 members
Uzbek (uz) Launchpad Uzbek translators with 17 members
Vietnamese (vi) Launchpad Vietnamese Translators with 5 members
Walser (wae) Launchpad Walser Translators with 1 members
Welsh (cy) Launchpad Welsh Translators with 3 members

Projects using this group

Projects listed here are using Launchpad Translators to manage their translations through the respective translation teams.