Translation permission policies

Each project and distribution can choose what they feel to be the right mix of openness and control for their translations.

Launchpad offers four permission policies:

Anyone can submit translations directly to your project in Launchpad. Great for encouraging drive-by contributions.
If your project's translation group has assigned an individual or team to a particular language, only that person or members of that team can review and accept translation strings for that language. Anyone can suggest a translation for those languages, though. For languages that aren't covered by a translation group, anyone can directly submit a translation.
Ideal if your priority is to manage translation quality, or if translation to some languages is managed elsewhere. It is similar to Structured. However, the ability to translate is unavailable for those languages that don't have an individual or team assigned to it within the translation group.
Only people or teams appointed in the translation group can suggest or make translations. Translation is closed to everyone else. This is ideal if your project requires an agreement to transfer copyright before starting work.

Make your translations count! Unless you're just making a quick correction, you should get in touch with the project's translation community before you start work. That way you can learn where your help is most needed, what words they use to translate common terms and what gives your translations the best chance of being approved.

Follow the link to the project's translations group to contact them.

There's more help with translations in our help wiki.